Patio de los lecheros – #BAtourist

Follow us!  FACEBOOK – TWITTER – BLOGLOVIN’ – INSTAGRAM  Jamas habia oido hablar del patio de los lecheros, hasta hace unas semanas que se reinauguró como parte de la iniciativa BA Capital gastronómica. Pero ¿Que era el Patio de los Lecheros? El Patio los Lecheros era la estación de tren, muy cercana a la actual “Caballito”, donde llegaba la leche proveniente de… Sigue leyendo Patio de los lecheros – #BAtourist


#BAtourist: China Town

Belgrano's Chinatown must be one of my favourite places in Buenos Aires. Everytime I'm there I could spend more than 5 or 6 hours just looking at every single shop. It's like an addiction, but I'm sure I'm not the only one! I took this opportunity to go and snap some cute pictures since it… Sigue leyendo #BAtourist: China Town

Food Reviews


Are you around Buenos Aires and craving a not-so Argentine meal? Well, here's what you need guys: Muu, that place that's heaven on earth. ¿Saliste apurado y sin desayunar? ¿Se acerca la hora del almuerzo y queres comerte una BUENA hamburguesa? Bueno, este es el post ideal para vos: MUU, ese lugar que si todavía… Sigue leyendo MUU

City Snaps

Lobos Snaps #2

On our recent post you saw the first day of the trip, so here are some snaps from the last day, when we headed back to town before leaving on the train. These last few weeks have been super hectic but we're working really hard to get some cool posts done for you guys xx… Sigue leyendo Lobos Snaps #2

City Snaps

Lobos Snaps #1

Last month we did a little trip to Lobos, that wonderful place I told you on this post, and this one too. This time I wanted to share some snaps with you from the first day of our trip. We took Truman with us and it was a really exciting and new experience for the… Sigue leyendo Lobos Snaps #1

City Snaps

Madero City Snaps – #BAcitySnaps

Finally we're able to share these pictures with you guys! I like them a lot, and we took them in a really chilled day with gorgeous weather. This fabulous day was shared with Belarmina, blog that I strongly recommend if you guys like to see gorgeous pictures (#Fangirl) Hope you like it! (And that you… Sigue leyendo Madero City Snaps – #BAcitySnaps

City Snaps

Buenos Aires City Snaps #3

As you are reading this (hopefully!) I am in Lobos, that paradise I told you guys about a few weeks ago, probably taking some pictures for you guys. In the meantime, here's the third part of the pictures we took while doing a City Tour. There's also a fourth post of that day but of… Sigue leyendo Buenos Aires City Snaps #3