Monthly Playlist #18

FACEBOOK – TWITTER – BLOGLOVIN’ – INSTAGRAM ¡Extrañaba esta sección! La extrañaba tanto que me costó un montón hacerla jajaja. Antes de que les muestre mis elegidas, quiero que sepan que no tienen ninguna conexión entre ellas, y son varios géneros diferentes. Este mes hay de todo, les juro. ¡Ahora si! In The Middle - dodie. All Of You - Leadley.… Sigue leyendo Monthly Playlist #18

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#JuneChallenge – 10 discos favoritos.

FACEBOOK – TWITTER – BLOGLOVIN’ – INSTAGRAM  La música es, y siempre va a ser vital en mi vida. Mis primeros recuerdos de musica en mi vida son de escuchar Green Day desde la cuna, mi madre decía que era 'el video del loquito' por Basket Case, Escuchar a Metallica y Marilyn Manson, culpa de mi hermano quien quería enseñarme a… Sigue leyendo #JuneChallenge – 10 discos favoritos.


Monthly Playlist #15

It's time for some music! I'm in my 'I got tired of my music' moment, as I have every now and then, so I'm investigating some spotify playlists to see if I can find something new. Can you guys recommend me new music? I have a few I found at Lollapalooza but it's never enough! … Sigue leyendo Monthly Playlist #15

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Christmas Playlist

If by today you're still not feeling christmassy enough, here's what you need. This is the ultimate selection of christmas music to make you feel the most festive ever. Also, please press play from christmas eve morning onwards! At the end of the post there's a link for the full playlist, you're welcome 🙂 Also,… Sigue leyendo Christmas Playlist


Monthly Playlist #10

Okay I'm just gonna say it and let it sink: We're two days apart from December. HOW? What kind of joke was this year? I can't believe it. Anyways... Here's our November Playlist! Hope you guys enjoy it. I'm still thinking about making a Spotify Playlist for this, what do you think? Let me know!… Sigue leyendo Monthly Playlist #10


Monthly Playlist #9

My phone broke this month! I've been without it for almost a whole month and it's been one of the worst situations ever. I actually survived and got a new one now but still, it was kinda difficult to make this month's playlist, but I'm happy with what I got here for you!  Also, Please… Sigue leyendo Monthly Playlist #9


Monthly Playlist #8

September was a kinda weird month musically speaking... I've been listening to some old tunes, a lot of covers and a lot lot loooot of random songs, so I've decided to divide this in three parts so you'll understand a  bit more. Hope you like it! And also, If you like some of the 80s/90s… Sigue leyendo Monthly Playlist #8