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My Bucket List. – #JuneChallenge

Follow us!  FACEBOOK – TWITTER – BLOGLOVIN’ – INSTAGRAM  Habiendo pasado casi un cuarto de mi vida (si es que pretendo vivir 100 años) siento que estoy en el momento perfecto para preparar una bucket list. ¿Que es una bucket list? Es la lista de cosas que queres hacer antes de "patear el bote" o morir. Desde chiquita soy consciente de… Sigue leyendo My Bucket List. – #JuneChallenge

Personal Stuff

10 Happy Things – #JuneChallenge

En la actualidad, no puedo dejar de pensar en la cantidad de cosas negativas con las que tenemos que lidiar todos los días, asi que para este dia 9 del #JuneChallenge queria mostrarles algunas de las cosas que me alegran y llenan de positivismo. Algunas veces las cosas mas sencillas son las que nos hacen… Sigue leyendo 10 Happy Things – #JuneChallenge


Documentales. – #TheVeggieChat

#TheVeggieChat I - Lee el post! On our last post I told you guys about some documentaries that made me change my mind and diet decisions, and today I wanna show a few of them! Some are purely about vegetarianism and veganism and others are mostly environmental. Both things are absolutely related and both are… Sigue leyendo Documentales. – #TheVeggieChat

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TBR – Books I wanna read in 2017.

BOOKS! one of my favourite topics ever. Last year I wasn't so good at my reading challenge and I felt really bad, so this year one of my priorities is to read at least 20 books. Hopefully, I'll find time and peace to do so! LIBROS! Uno de mis temas favoritos. El año pasado no… Sigue leyendo TBR – Books I wanna read in 2017.

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2017 Resolutions.

¡HAPPY 2017! but, why are you making this resolutions list public? I hear you ask. Well... this is mostly for me because I'd like to see how much of this I made through the year. 2016 wasn't really productive on the subject of resolutions so, this is me trying to get all my resolutions done.… Sigue leyendo 2017 Resolutions.


Gift Wrapping Ideas

I have been OBSESSED with theme wrapping for everything, and Christmas just feels like the best moment to actually go to town wrapping presents. I feel like everything looks so pretty when it's matching! I figured out that you guys might be thinking about how you can wrap your presents so... Here are some ideas… Sigue leyendo Gift Wrapping Ideas


The Christmas Tag!

IT'S TAG TIME! One of my favourite blogs is Paula's Blossom Ikebana (which if you don't know, please check it out!) and one of her old Christmas post was this tag, I really liked it so I wanted to make it too! Feel free to do it you too! ¡HORA DE UN TAG! Uno de mis… Sigue leyendo The Christmas Tag!