Favoritos de Marzo y Abril.

Follow Us! ~ FACEBOOK – TWITTER – BLOGLOVIN’ – INSTAGRAM ~ Hey! It's favourites time again! This time is quite different from the last one, I'm not including make up because I haven't bought any makeup -wow!- recently, but I did include some other things! Hola! Es momento de favoritos, otra vez! Esta vez, es algo mucho más variado que el anterior,… Sigue leyendo Favoritos de Marzo y Abril.

Book reviews

Feria del libro de Buenos Aires – Snaps.

Follow us!  FACEBOOK – TWITTER – BLOGLOVIN’ – INSTAGRAM  Is there anything better than a place full of books? I don't think so. And that's why every single Year we go on an adventure to the Buenos Aires Book Fair, one of the most beautiful places on earth. And the one place that makes me as Happy as I could be.… Sigue leyendo Feria del libro de Buenos Aires – Snaps.


¿Por qué Vegetariana?- #TheVeggieChat

Disclaimer: this post is not trying to tell you how to live, it's just information i consider to be important to everyone. / Este post no intenta en absoluto inducirles una forma de vida, es más que nada para informarlos 🙂  Inspired by this video from Gi Fletcher, I decided to call this series of posts #TheVeggieChat,… Sigue leyendo ¿Por qué Vegetariana?- #TheVeggieChat