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Review: Comics Nacionales – #JuneChallenge

FACEBOOK – TWITTER – BLOGLOVIN’ – INSTAGRAM  ¡Hola! ¡Buen lunes! Hoy les quiero hablar sobre Cómics Argentinos, un área que es desconocida para mi pero hace bastante que tengo ganas de investigar. En la última Argentina Comic Con pasé por el Artists Alley y dejé mi sueldo, ¡Me traje de todo! A pesar de eso, hoy solo les voy a hablar de… Sigue leyendo Review: Comics Nacionales – #JuneChallenge


¿Por qué Vegetariana?- #TheVeggieChat

Disclaimer: this post is not trying to tell you how to live, it's just information i consider to be important to everyone. / Este post no intenta en absoluto inducirles una forma de vida, es más que nada para informarlos 🙂  Inspired by this video from Gi Fletcher, I decided to call this series of posts #TheVeggieChat,… Sigue leyendo ¿Por qué Vegetariana?- #TheVeggieChat


Argentina Comic Con #6 – Snaps.

Siempre es un placer ser parte de Comic Con, son días en los que uno duerme poco y hace mucho, el cerebro entra en un estado de Jet lag constante porque te despertas y no sabes ni que día somos, como diría la abuela. Sacando eso de lado, el evento en si es pura diversión. la… Sigue leyendo Argentina Comic Con #6 – Snaps.

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Christmas Playlist

If by today you're still not feeling christmassy enough, here's what you need. This is the ultimate selection of christmas music to make you feel the most festive ever. Also, please press play from christmas eve morning onwards! At the end of the post there's a link for the full playlist, you're welcome 🙂 Also,… Sigue leyendo Christmas Playlist


DIY Cheap Christmas Presents.

Hey Y'all!  I can't believe we're halfway through December. I feel like I need to enjoy as much as possible before this year ends. Today, I wanted to share with you some super simple DIY gift ideas, just in case you don't have enough money or if you don't know what to gift. I love seeing… Sigue leyendo DIY Cheap Christmas Presents.


The Christmas Tag!

IT'S TAG TIME! One of my favourite blogs is Paula's Blossom Ikebana (which if you don't know, please check it out!) and one of her old Christmas post was this tag, I really liked it so I wanted to make it too! Feel free to do it you too! ¡HORA DE UN TAG! Uno de mis… Sigue leyendo The Christmas Tag!


Monthly Playlist #10

Okay I'm just gonna say it and let it sink: We're two days apart from December. HOW? What kind of joke was this year? I can't believe it. Anyways... Here's our November Playlist! Hope you guys enjoy it. I'm still thinking about making a Spotify Playlist for this, what do you think? Let me know!… Sigue leyendo Monthly Playlist #10