Monthly Playlist #17 – #JuneChallenge

FACEBOOK – TWITTER – BLOGLOVIN’ – INSTAGRAM  GUYS! ¡Se terminó Junio! Que increíble. ¡Se terminó el #JuneChallenge! Que complicado que fue este mes, no les puedo explicar. Pero me encantó hacerlo. Creo que aprendí un montón de mi relación con este blog, y noté un montón de apoyo y vistas al blog. y me encantó eso! Ahora lo que necesito son… Sigue leyendo Monthly Playlist #17 – #JuneChallenge


Monthly Playlist #15

It's time for some music! I'm in my 'I got tired of my music' moment, as I have every now and then, so I'm investigating some spotify playlists to see if I can find something new. Can you guys recommend me new music? I have a few I found at Lollapalooza but it's never enough! … Sigue leyendo Monthly Playlist #15


Monthly Playlist #12

It's the first playlist of 2017! Also, New thumbnail for this! I'm actually quite happy with it, and I hope you guys like it too!  How's your playlist going? are you guys listening some new artists? Leave some recommendations if you want to! Here are my faves of this month, as usual, it's quite messy… Sigue leyendo Monthly Playlist #12

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Christmas Playlist

If by today you're still not feeling christmassy enough, here's what you need. This is the ultimate selection of christmas music to make you feel the most festive ever. Also, please press play from christmas eve morning onwards! At the end of the post there's a link for the full playlist, you're welcome 🙂 Also,… Sigue leyendo Christmas Playlist


Monthly Playlist #10

Okay I'm just gonna say it and let it sink: We're two days apart from December. HOW? What kind of joke was this year? I can't believe it. Anyways... Here's our November Playlist! Hope you guys enjoy it. I'm still thinking about making a Spotify Playlist for this, what do you think? Let me know!… Sigue leyendo Monthly Playlist #10