Hidden Places.

Last weekend my friend Bangie and I went to visit a friend at his new flat. As we had time before visiting him, we decided to walk around the city and check if we could find somewhere to have a drink.
While we were going around we found this antique gallery and we felt the need to get inside and check everything in detail. It was gooooorgeous! so i decided to take some pictures for you.
You can find this Gallery at the Montes de Oca Ave, in the neighborhood of Barracas 
(Buenos Aires)
El fin de semana pasado mi amiga Bangie y yo visitamos a un amigo en su nuevo departamento. Como teníamos tiempo antes de la visita, decidimos recorrer la zona y quizás tomar algo. 
En una de nuestras vueltas nos encontramos con una galería que no habíamos visto antes, y al entrar nos dimos cuenta que era antigua y hermosa! Aprovechamos para hacer un par de fotos.
Esta galeria se encuentra en el barrio de Barracas, sobre la Avenida Montes de Oca al 700.
I neeeeeeed those Kimmidolls!


And, just because the place was beautiful, i did take some pictures of my outfit! Hot weather makes me feel like an amoeba. I can’t even decide what to wear! so i went for a Black & White OOTD. T-Shirt and leggings are non-branded and i found them at a trade fair a few months ago, and my sneakers are Converse Gorillaz Edition.
Backpack found on Wal-Mart (YES, Wal-Mart.)
As you can see i don’t use that much branded clothing but i’ll do my best to find some ‘similar’ items for you on next posts!
OOTD pictures taken by my friend and Bookfilmfreaks blog Co-owner, Bangie! You’ll see her pop around here a lot soon!
Las fotos del OOTD fueron sacadas por mi amiga y socia (?) de Bookfilmfreaks Blog, Bangie! Seguramente la vean aparecer seguido próximamente.
This was my weekend adventure, what was yours? Do you have any hidden gems on your city? Let me know in the comments!
Esta fue mi aventura de fin de semana, cual fue la suya? Tienen algún lugar escondido en su ciudad que les guste? Haganmelo saber en los comentarios!
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8 comentarios sobre “Hidden Places.

  1. Black & white are always the best go to outfits to wear! And I love that place!!! (full of pretty & vintage stuffs)
    ps. I've been following you since you left a lovely comment on my blog to follow each other 🙂 It would be even better if you would follow me, too! xx

    Kaylee | JK's Dawn

    Me gusta


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