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My 2016 Reading Challenge.

I’ve always been a booknerd. Since i was little, i spent my mornings and evenings reading in bed, and asked for books for my birthday and christmas. This hasn’t changed that much with the years and today i’ll still ask for books everytime someone wants to buy me something, and i enjoy every time i found a new book to read.
As you can see on the sidebar, i’m currently doing the Goodreads Reading Challenge, for the third year, setting myself a goal of 40 books to read in 2016. Last year i tried to read 50 books but ended up only with 48. Oh my god. So annoying.

Apart from that, one of my closest friends sent me this reading challenge she found somewhere. I thought i could share this with you in case someone wants to join me!

Read a book:
1- From an author you didn’t know // 2- A poetry book // 3- Children’s Book // 4- A Nobel Prize in Literature // 5- A Classic Book // 6- An author under 30 // 7- One You dislike the Cover // 8- A Fantasy Book // 9- A Graphic Novel // 10- A Foreign language book // 11- A Genre you’ve never read // 12- Recommended by a friend // 13- A short stories book // 14- Based on real events // 15- National Author (Argentinian for me) // 16- A 2016 release // 17- A soon-to-be movie // 18- A Sci-fi book

1 – Reread a book from your childhood // 2- Finish a book you’ve left unfinished // 3- Subscribe to a library // 4- Donate books // 5- Go to a book con every month.

Of course i only choose 12 challenges so i can do one per month. i highlighted the ones i’m gonna do during the year!

My Challenge for this month is… Read a Classic Book. And for this one i choose to read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
Which also helps me with a bonus because i started reading it and left it in the middle. Shame on me!

Do you guys read? Let me know what’s your favourite book/genre! (Author as well of course)
Also, if you have a Goodreads account add me!
That’s it for today, i will return on thursday with a new post! xx

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